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  • Oxymethalone
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Oxymetholon 25 mg

A steroid used not only in bodybuilding but also in medicine . Intended for bodybuilders who expect quick results, but can accept its quality which is not the best. Its medical action, which also translates into positive properties in bodybuilding, is the increased production of red blood cells. It causes a rapid increase in muscle mass, but it will not be of great quality. In the case of this steroid, a large retention of water takes place, which results in massive muscles. Unfortunately, this steroid is not without downsides. In the case of too high doses, you may experience liver problems. The best results can be obtained by combining this steroid, along with a proper diet and well-chosen exercises.

The duration of use of this steroid should be between 4 and 6 weeks. At the beginning of the whole treatment, especially beginner bodybuilders, they should start with a dose of 50 mg. It can be increased over time. Advanced bodybuilders can reach up to 150 mg a day, however, it should be remembered that undesirable effects may occur.

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