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Stanazolol 10 mg

This agent is also known as Winstrol. It occurs both in the form of a liquid substance and tablets. One of the most popular steroids on the market.

Stanozolol is used primarily by body builders who care about quick effects. Mainly used during the reduction cycle, it can also occur with other steroids, strengthening their effect. The result of his actions is ‘dry and cut muscle’. This results in an increase of muscle mass and strength, with reduced water retention and degreasing of the body. Unfortunately, it also has serious side effects, such as drying joints, which increases the risk of injury. First of all, it is intended for professional bodybuilders who want to achieve good results before a competition.

The recommended daily dose is between 20 mg and 80 mg for men and 10 mg for women. In order for the results to be satisfactory, the treatment should last about 4 weeks. However, after 6 weeks, you should stop using this steroid, because it can be dangerous for the body.

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